National Crisis Intervention Training Institute

MacGyver 101

Announcing the Development of the New
MacGyver 101 for Law Enforcement
and Other Emergency First Responders
An 8-Hour Work-and-Playshop 

This special adaptation of the civilian version of the MacGyver 101 Course is especially designed for professional heroes, and covers the Top Ten Principles of the MacGyver Mindset, as well as special applied techniques and principles of environmental adaptation, environmental weaponry, misdirection, escape methods, and street-fighting.  Taught to think and behave like MacGyver, this course will enhance the practitioner's chances of survival in an emergency or combative situation. 
The "MacGyver 101 for Law Enforcement" Team consists of: 

Joel Johnson, Director of the National Crisis Intervention Training Institute, Environmental Weaponry Specialist and Developer of NCITI's "Invisible Inventions Team;"  John Duncan, OBN Sr. Agent (Ret.) and Founder/Chief Instructor of Viper Personal Combat Systems , D.P. Hutton, Inventor of the Hutton's Edge Tactical Knife and Developer of Hutton Ryu; and Steve Crawford, Escape Artist, Magician, and Illusionist.

 Attendees must be either CLEET-certified peace officers, or currently employed as a firefighter, paramedic, EMT, or other bona fide emergency first responder.  For more information, contact Joel Johnson, Director, at 727-542-5415, or check for upcoming workshops on the CLEET website (

Come Learn to Fly by the Seat of Your Pants!


Joel Johnson
"The Real MacGyver"

Director, National Crisis Intervention Training Institute
Fearless Leader of Kodiak Survival Institute's "Invisible Inventions" Team
Senior Instructor and Regular Radio Guest: Program, Hosted by Vincent Finelli 
(KWTO - Springfield, MO  and Genesis Communication Network)


"MacGyver 101"
An Inventive Work-and-PlayShop
(in 4-hr. and 8-hr. formats)

(1-hr. and 2-hr. Introductory Webinars and Seminars Also Available

Wear Comfortable Clothes, Come Ready to Play, and Bring Your Imagination...and a "doo-dad."

Coming Soon to Your Community

Watch for Announcements, or Speed Things Up
by Calling Us to Schedule an Event in Your City!

4-hr. Format:  ONLY $15 per person, or $25 per household


8-hr. Format: ONLY $25 per person, or $40 per household
Show Proof of Prior Attendance at Any Webinar, Seminar, or Workshop and Get $5 Discount


Show Proof of Prior Purchase of Any Life-time Warrantied Product from Kodiak Survival Gear and Get 25% Discount on All Training Events.....for Life!


Current Schedule of Upcoming "MacGyver 101" Events
(Subject to Change...Check Frequently for Updates and Additions)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
MacGyver 101 for Law Enforcement (8 hrs)

Tulsa Police Academy  6066 E. 66th Street   Tulsa, OK

Sunday, March 29, 2015
Intro to MacGyver 201
Get Prepared Expo, Cowan Civic Center, Lebanon, MO



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